Case no.11088, Evidence: Documents

Document A, A6 paper, resembling a leaflet:

Congratulations on becoming eligible for the rank of Illuminate! This is a momentous occasion for not only you, but for all members of the Order of Luminaries, as you have made yet another step towards the inner circle of knowledge, and continue to move away from the darkness of ignorance.

By now, you should have received a package for Ritual 9, the final ritual that is required of you as a Novicae. As a friendly reminder: please undergo the pre-ritual mental conditioning techniques that you should have established with Rituals 3 through 8, have any and all ritual tools within reach, be sure that begin the ritual at your allotted time, read the directions EXACTLY and try and have fun!

Documents B-D, A4 paper, some documents fire-damaged:

Ritualis Novem (Penultima)

Reminder: Use your personal mental conditioning technique to synchronize your being with that of your foci: your Guiding Star and its tether to the Oort Cloud’s […]

[…] remove from the package the three small packets labeled C1, C2, and C3. Set them within the larger salt circle you have already made around yourself and the ritual components, but without touching the smaller circle you have made around the ritual candle. Arrange the packets in a position indicating East, West, and South (the order does not matter at this moment). Repeat your mantra at this time.

60 Fill the bowl in the northern position with either filtered water, or the red wine included in the package (packet D). Try to fill the bowl in such a way as to leave at least three centimetres of space from the lip.

70 Next, use the silver coin set aside earlier to slide along the lip of the bowl in three circles anticlockwise, repeating your mantra as you make this motion. If you are successful, a pleasant ringing should fill the room. Once you have attuned the room, drop the coin into the bowl, as you will no longer require it.

80 If the candle is not already lit, you may use whatever material necessary to light it now. Remember to not touch the wax, the flame, or the eyes once the candle is lit. As a reminder, the constraints that were present in Rituals 6 through 8 are still in place, so be mindful and be sure to complete this ritual in its entirety within your allotted time-frame.

Before continuing further, take a moment to be mindful of your foci. Remember that the flame symbolizes the prize, but it’s not your purpose to claim it. As a Novicae, you learned to expand your mind and project your thoughts into a harpoon, so once more, take a breath, locate your Guiding Star, penetrate the Oort Cloud, and [….]

[…] without disturbing others. You may reuse the gag from Ritual 3 if necessary, but at the very least, do not be louder than the ringing.

106 Use the remaining contents of packet C3 to staunch the wounds. Any bleeding that continues from this point can be ignored, as it is no longer yours.

107 The contents that are were overflowing from the bowl should now reflect the night sky. You may have noticed that the salt barrier will prevent the contents from spilling over. By now, you should know what to do without this instruction: repeat your mantra now, and use the finger to break the barrier at the southern position, making sure to crush the dirt ball as you do so.

If done correctly, the flame should be extinguished. If the flame is still guttering out, be patient and wait for it to be fully consumed. Once done, the ritual is completed, and you may raise your chin and face the new sky and be Illuminated.

Prompt: “You find a note that brings forth the Apocalypse” by A-.


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