Quiet mornings in the country

Warm kiss of sunlight,The flutter of consciousness,Gently stirring life. Coffee pours freely,Filling the mug to the brim,Steam whirls in a dance. The morning silence,Interrupted by laughter,Shared between old friends. Warm breeze stirs the field,In the early morning light,Green become golden. Sun casts long shadows,But our smile shines so brightly,Morning never ends.

Love is an Unplanned Storm

Love can never be a planned thing,Something that can be seeded,Nurtured with gentle appreciation,A bud warmed by a predicable hand.Watered, and carefully pruned,Until it flowers into maturity. Love is a wild and maddening thing,It staggers, buffets, and tears away,Pulling your feet from the ground,Leaving you wild-eyed and breathless,Desperation makes your need a cry,And grasping hands … Continue reading Love is an Unplanned Storm

An ending of a day

Descending daylight,Sky splashed in vibrant colors,Like firework displays. The birds grow silent,Cicadas take up the song,I don't know the words. The smell of dinner,Somewhere in the far distance,Children are called home. A flutter of cards,The raw rush of excitement,Somebody chuckles. Grass retains some warmth,Remembering the sunlight,Eagerly waiting. Light nestles in night,It's time to go back … Continue reading An ending of a day