An Inconvenient Wall

Aram punched the wall again, mostly out of frustration, but also out of a morbid need to commit to his foolish experiment. Yes, his knuckles were split and raw and his hands were shattered, but he consumed enough painkillers to ignore such inconveniences, and the wall at least splintered with every thousand blows - he … Continue reading An Inconvenient Wall


A Sort of Danse Macabre

In fiery tongues of the ancient fireling,Dances the ghost of the Magician's Daughter,and her paramour, the starry-eyed Owl King,Their zephyrus song-revelry growing louder,Summon shadow-laughter, crackling kindling,While the warlock trapped weeps to be without her,Her, who lies in darkness, unseen fate-weaving,Whisper prayers for forgiveness in spring showers,Magic made real only through painful living.

Two, Alone

She laughed, tossing back the phone, "How depressing!" The writer felt defensive, "That's like, my schtick - a dreary poet who rejects catharsis." "Oh, honey,” she murmured, a finger prodding his cheek, “Rejection implies choice.” Across the room, a grey shorthair yawned with an air of annoyance, wondering why it’s human was talking to himself … Continue reading Two, Alone

Adrift the Sea of Creativity

I am adrift the currents of my own creativity,A shattered moon overhead, looming despondently,Gleaming on the glassy surface of these calm seas,I breathe in the stars with shuddering ecstasy,And dive down into the unfathomable deeps,Harvesting glimmering pearls of my fantasies,Clinging like barnacles to shipwrecked stories,Full of potential, romantic, tragic, dreamy,But I dare not linger too … Continue reading Adrift the Sea of Creativity