A Writer’s Curse

There are frightful ailments innumerable,
to which writers are often susceptible:
Writer’s Block, Carpel Tunnel, Hot Cornea,
but most dreaded is Partum non Eximia,
that terrible disease called the Writer’s Curse.
It’s when you’ve written something brilliant,
But someone else did it better, first.

2 thoughts on “A Writer’s Curse

  1. Truly, the worst curse! I never heard of it and now I am subconsciously dreading it. 😁 Now writer’s block, numbness, and burnout? I’m well acquainted but dang, I’d feel sort of gutted if I ever were inflicted with the ultimate writer’s curse.

    Brilliantly penned, Masa. There is a world of truth in this piece, especially as it pertains to writers.

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    1. Hahaha, thank you for the comment, Lucy. I’m afraid it hit me terribly the other day and I was compelled to record my pains. But I’m deriving some delight from my angst, you’ve turned my bitterness into amusement, so thank you thank you again.

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