The Agony of Creation

It begins with a word, gasping in the dark, Whereupon the echoes of its birth sound to heaven and hell, Far cries become whispers as they fold out into the infinite, The song begins. From darkness is light, from light, a furtive mote of life, Until this desert is populated by so many humming grains … Continue reading The Agony of Creation


Spring snows fall

Coffee is too hot,But outside is chilly cold,So it feels just right. Even in these warm months,Glittering snow often falls,Stolen breaths and dreams. Spring snows fall slowly,Caught in cool winds and light gusts,So they dance, not fall. Grey and blue sky meet,Cascading shadow paintings,Such depth in nature. The cat is happy,Winter blankets come again,For a … Continue reading Spring snows fall

I’m Fine, Just Let me Go

I'm fine, please don't worry, really, It's just who I am, naturally, Sadness is a mask worn just so, This bitter scowl is just for show, It's nothing at all, it's silly,All things will pass eventually,I'm just tired if you need to know, So let it be, just let me go.