Hell is a Home for Some

Hell is surprisingly easy to stumble into,
It takes a moment, a misstep, a mistaken leap,
And then you fall, fall into a spiritual abyss,
Obliterating your body into shattered bits,
Like a glass that bleeds and cries.

Hell takes an eternity to navigate,
The paths are crooked until you take them,
Though the path to hell is a straight line,
While every step forward is newfound ground,
Anxious, nervous, and foul with possibility.

Hell doesn’t want you to leave,
It’s not a place of sinner’s regret,
But rather the hollowness of choices,
It’s a reminder that the past is lost,
And the future provides no balm.

Hell is a home for some of us,
A moment to reflect on inaction,
It’s as much punishment as breathing is,
And we construct our houses with idleness,
Wondering, always wondering, how we got here.

8 thoughts on “Hell is a Home for Some

    1. Why thank you! I usually write titles after the fact and I too thought the line was worth being raised to the position of a title.


  1. Your writing skills are flawless Masa. I genuinely enjoy reading everything you write. Each unique piece is filled with imagery that takes me on unexpected journeys. What I find to be extra special is the fact that I usually find myself re reading your lines and going on a different adventure. This piece is expressed in such a wise and honest way. I absolutely love it! You truly inspire me. Thanks for another wonderful piece.❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your words are so brilliant that I cannot bear to look at them for too long. Thank you, I have rarely had such high praise heaped upon me. I’m thankful that old skills become sweeter with age and that my prismatic recollections can be appreciated after becoming so well-worn. My poetry grows stronger with your words, they really do.

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    1. Having been raised with certain religious perspectives and subsequently been given the opportunity to recognize that I never received the gift of faith has made me spend a lifetime wondering what hell actually is. I think living with decisions that ultimately mean nothing, or living a meaningless life of no consequence can be considered a sort of modern hell.

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