Raindrops on my Cheek

I awoke to raindrops upon my cheek,
The window slightly ajar helps me sleep,
Though it lets in the storm, now dark and deep.
Restless, I sat upon the ledge and peeked,
Hoping to catch sight of the lightning streak,
That will surely shatter this peace I keep.

I know, I know this moment’s peace will end,
Already it unfurls at tortured seams,
Every kiss inflicting deep wounds, unseen.
So, rather allow what our hearts intend,
We must wake in the past, return to “friends,”
Only in stolen smiles relive these dreams.

2 thoughts on “Raindrops on my Cheek

  1. I love the rhyming and the emotion in this poem. These days, I have been struggling to write with rhymes and it feels so good to read something like this. It gives me inspiration.

    Hi, I am Ragazza Triste, you can also check my blog page, maybe we can be friends and learn from each other. Have a good day! 🙂

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    1. I’m not typically the sort of poet who has any luck with rhyming. Honestly, this poem ran through a couple different rhyming schemes and I posted it once I simply didn’t want to work on it any more. I tend to prefer the short-hand scribbles – the momentary, passing vignettes your mind captures in the steam rising from a cup of coffee, or in the smoke of your last cigarette.

      Also, hello Sad Girl, of course we can be friends. I wouldn’t have allowed you to see my recollections if we were not at least friendly.


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