Raindrops on my Cheek

I awoke to raindrops upon my cheek, The window slightly ajar helps me sleep, Though it lets in the storm, now dark and deep. Restless, I sat upon the ledge and peeked, Hoping to catch sight of the lightning streak, That will surely shatter this peace I keep. I know, I know this moment’s peace … Continue reading Raindrops on my Cheek


Candy Star

Betwixt strands of her colored hair - Red for passion, devil-may-care; Blue of a cool, frivolous air - Frames eyes of a burnished gold, bared, Staring, daring, Only to laugh, then, disappear.

Luna Wept

Luna wept to behold her visage,Upon the inner lakeshore of Skye,And on the precipice of the rocky crags,Her tears ran like vinegar light,Rivulets of her loneliness dissipating, Smelling of burnt sap and children's sighs,While I found myself growing old,Drowning in her long lost love.

A flowery scent

Along the coastline,A broken-hearted lover,Blooms with eau de salt. A flowery scent,Carried by a hot Spring breeze,Mingles tears with hope. In the midland towns,With opened windows released,Hidden flowers bloom. A lonely fool sighs,Drearily glances outside,Sniffs, whispers "Lilies." The breeze dies, winds cool,The scent lingers on moonlight,Recalled in sad dreams.