Outside the University Library Often Unvisited

The thin book was drawn up from its dusty corner,Having long slept, unattended,And was taken outside, a campus' summer,To be read beneath the outstretched boughs,Of an ancient maple warmed by the sun,But then, only moments after,After joyously stretching its old spine,Revealing its record of lost memories,The book tumbles from exhausted fingers,Landing in verdant greens,A little … Continue reading Outside the University Library Often Unvisited


I was feeling Anxious

I was feeling anxious,Fingers twitching in an effort to calm,Flipping a cigarette in intricate circles,As ideas flowed from my scalp in oily streaks,Meeting a shallow breath stinking of poverty,Eyes stinging with sweat and living,Another moment summons apathetic choices,Like lingering smoke bored of my company,Choosing to drift away into oblivion,I check my phone, 15:17,Useless,Tracking the time … Continue reading I was feeling Anxious

Cloudy midland skies

Cloudy skies are fine,Like a blanket over me,Soothing my fever. Heat soars into blue,While cooler thoughts linger on,Forming fluffy clouds. A lonely raindrop,Kisses the page I'm reading,As though to say, "Hi." The sky's solid gray,Reminds me that I'm gray, too,Oh, how the time flies. The cigarette smoke,Lingers awhile above me,Before moving on.