Fairy Queen neath Amethyst Skies

Neath amethyst skies,
Fairy circles’ flowers bloom,
and await her arrival:

Twilight-tinged Tulips,
and Azure Azaleas, 
Peek shyly open petals.
While Forget-Me-Nots,
Rising ‘neath purple clovers,
Murmur their dreamy hullos.
Only the roses,
Dream their purple fantasies,
She loves them better that way.

Caressing each friend,
The Fairy Queen settles in,
Neither song nor spell tonight,
Just a cup of tea,
And the easy grace of friends,
For this, the long Witching Hour.

Once again inspired by the creative efforts of my good friend, starrf1sh: a creature of faerie dreams and twilight reverie. If you have stumbled upon my discarded recollections, do be decent and give their work a look – visual artists are poet’s hard-working cousins, after all.


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