I Once Shared Your Name

I once shared your name, A badge on my chest, With such blinding pride,How could I have known,That behind your smile,And your soft kisses,Our name you whispered,Was laced with poison,Cold-brewed and potent,Born from self-loathing,Carried in your soul,Until, finally,I reached for your hand,And caught only air,You called me a fake,An idol of hate,Projected on me,A lifetime … Continue reading I Once Shared Your Name


A Captain

A Captain goes down with his ship, It's the responsible thing to do, But my duty to my crew is dead, As dead as them bloated below, And my honor was sunk long ago, A wreck unsalvageable, This scuttled ship is worth no life, So why, Can't I pry my fingers from this helm?

This is no Tragedy

When he said he loved me,I took him in my arms,And anointed him in holy oil.When he said he'd save me,I whispered the secrets,Of my heart’s own riddles.When he said he'd be mine,I bloodied my own hands,And kissed him as reward.When he said he'd leave me,I burned it all down,And that, I won't regret.