Jukebox Remedies

A cold stiff drink is the best remedy for heartbreak,
Something dark, alluring, a little cruel,
Like love now lost to you,
Now the classic jukebox remedy might soothe the fresh ache,
Turning wounded rejection into artful cool,
Or something just to cry to.

Prompt: from the kind writers over at the pub, dVerse, “Juke” as part of their Quadrille Series #131.

21 thoughts on “Jukebox Remedies

  1. Oy, I remember when my college roomie broke up with his girl…she played the same song over and over again…it was only the bite of a bit of a drink that got me through that night…ha. i am thankful for 25 years of marriage and not having to taste the romantic kinda heartbreak…but then again I have kids and friends…which brings a whole differnt kinda heartbreak at times…

    Pour me

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  2. Oh the pain, the angst, the heartbreak! I resonate strongly with this one .. having had my share of men.. good-looking and utterly heartless.

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  3. Love the last two lines. Oh the young heart throbs we listened to on the juke box…..and the boys we hoped we’d get to dance with and then, somehow, managed to “keep our cool” if we could, when Johnny walked right by us and asked Melinda to dance instead of us! Love going back and hearing the music…..sure wouldn’t want to go back and live those days though!

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  4. Music is always there for us in the worst moments to help pick us back up. We all have our own ways to deal with heartbreak and heartache, and you describe it vividly. Music can definitely help heal that wound, and while it may take time, it’s how we resonate with the song that makes us feel not so alone in our pain, whether it be crying with it or just singing along. Beautifully, beautifully written and poignant as well.

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  5. Those songs do help the tears flow. I choke up now to tunes like “Imagine” – and videos of the Beatles back in the day. What times those were!

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