A Recurring Fever

This 'cursed fever,Breaks upon my mind's shoreline,Dragging away every thought. I wish you were here,Not to tend to ailing bones,But nurse my spirit anew. I lie here dying,Wondering of my last death:My name on your lips, no more.

That’s Not Happiness

It's a delicious mood,The need to inflict hurt, to crush a dream,to break a heart,to shatter their illusion their glass houses,their fragile lives,their little white lies, Until finally they know,They can finally understand,Why this still hurts. Pain washes away pain,But that's not happiness,


The Gentle Lie

Upon soft winds I gently lie, Warmed by the sun in lofty sky, The smell of coffee drifting by, With the tang of smoke on my sigh, There's nothing left for me to try, But allow these lonely tears to dry.

I’d like to be your villain

I'd like to be your villain,A monster to fear,Punishment by holy writ,Kicking you back down,To bleed, to suffer, to hate,So when the day comes,When you tear out my black heart,Throw me from the heights,And stomp on my loathsome skull,I'll know you're worthy.

Between Sleep, Waking Dreams

I lie still in my bed,Drawing out the calm,Between sleepand the waking dream,Sinking slowly into thought.White little bugs nibble,Tearing me away gently,Just at the edge of my mind,And the humor of my eyes,Fraying my edges like old paper,Slowing the endless wave,Of neurons and and memories,None of which are mine.Tell me, little bugs,What memories are sweeter?The … Continue reading Between Sleep, Waking Dreams

The Game of Love

I reclaimed my place,The princess of your black heart,By wit and cunning,I am the Conquering Sword,A faithless exile no more. Lost again, have I?To a ronin with no shame,And no sense of pride.So be it, it's your win, now,In this Game of Love, I'm done.