Damn all of you

Damn all of you who told me to forget,
As though I could somehow throw it away,
These fucking memories of a phantom girl,
Whose love crippled me and left me mad,
Whose softest touch meant more to me,
Transmitted through words on a screen,
Or through the haze of an old flip-phone,
Than every desperate, sticky fumbling,
Every pulsing moan and lovely scratch,
Hollow fantasies by comparison,
To her idle attentions, so distant and cold,
Gifted to me above all others –
I, the “long-distanced love”,
Now lie awake, haunted by insanity:
My greatest, cruelest enemies couldn’t harm me,
But a fictional girl destroyed me so utterly.

2 thoughts on “Damn all of you

    1. And yet they’re the best, improving with every lonely year, until their very perfection haunts your every exhausted breath.


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