Remember Oblivion

The clock ticks the seconds towards nothing,
As my heart beats out the rhythm of lost dreams,
The eternal pulse towards hopeful oblivion,
Measured as retreating tides towards a faraway horizon,
Where my memories of you refuse to die.

My dearest love gave me the timepiece,
Broken now, although the message remains,
Dull etchings in tarnished brass:
“Time not wasted, only borrowed with you.”
Silent in a drawer, yet ever resounding.

My heart has slowed in my age,
Nothing drew such painful living pulses,
Than the adoration in your eyes,
Or the lust you breathed into mine,
Or the betrayal lingering on every soft kiss.

The seas were here before us,
So they will continue to churn without,
And all of those hateful, lovely, desperate things,
That I had thrown into its dark depths,
Will remain there, dissolved into the salted air.

How long now,
have I lived without your name?
How long now,
will I be allowed to remember?


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