(Belated) Birthday Wishes

It's not that I'd forgotten it, Nor ignored what day it is, The words just failed to form aloud, Made mute by my cowardice. What do we do with these wishes, When they fail to come to true, Are they abandoned in dark holes, Or trashed as broken things do? Maybe I can't fathom a … Continue reading (Belated) Birthday Wishes



After the party,Our exhausted bodies sprawl,Through the foyer doors,Slinking to the living room,Opulent, pristine,(Because nothing lives in there)My red-wine breath fogs,While your dark dress falls,Pale, moonlit skin, bared like knives,So soft and so cruel,Cuts into my blurry mind,Your wrothful embrace,Kissing, clinging, poisoned lips,Our lust fills our hate,Nothing else can satiate,Spent blood, exhausted,A push and pull, … Continue reading Disrobing