seasonal recollections

Vermillion leaves,Fall from pale limbs aloft,In death, true beauty. Gently falling snow,Turn harsh corners to soft mounds,All life to a dream. Smells of blossom-rains,And the playful wind-whispers.Let me go, lost days. Man-made fields gleam green,Baked into false-permanence,'neath Her mournful gaze.


Once Borrowed

You have been ruined,Uncaring hands sullied you,Left you torn and limp,So I'll finish the damned job,With a careful blade,Tearing through broken armor,So, Neglected Soul,I can build you up stronger,And you can be loved again.


Her pale hand is small,grasping at the standard of our fathers,tattered rags of vainglorious violence,milky sheets hide crimson courses,slender muscles locked in battle withdeath.