Self-Reflections I

Yes, I am a fraud: Covetous and passionate, And yet, dismissive and bored. I am like a child, Who cries and pleads for new toys, And so breaks the ones he has. And so in my fits, My discarded loves grow deep, Even as I grow shallow. How can I accept,The love you tenderly give,When … Continue reading Self-Reflections I

Warm days in the Midlands

Four decades have passed,Through storm, fire, disease, and drought,The maple revived. Shady reflections,Passing atop tall grass seas,A moment's reprieve. The buzzing of bees,And the rustle of petals,Make me long for home. Distant music plays,Voices call from the long past,Summer has begun. An old cat lies down,Languid eyes close for some sleep,Just another day.