Self-Reflections I

Yes, I am a fraud: Covetous and passionate, And yet, dismissive and bored. I am like a child, Who cries and pleads for new toys, And so breaks the ones he has. And so in my fits, My discarded loves grow deep, Even as I grow shallow. How can I accept,The love you tenderly give,When … Continue reading Self-Reflections I

The Taste of Apostasy

Blue smoke snakes from dark lips, seductive, The gossamer dress settles, languid, Slender arms cross the scarred space, cruelly, Wrapping around my throat, adoring, Hot tears fall as ruby drops, regret, I am contempt, lusting, delicious.

A Dinner of Fools

It feels cruel to beDistant from your soft dark smile,A grazing glance keeps me strong. It seems cruel to me:Smiles behind the patina,Of a well-worn wedding band. It is cruel to see,The cracks in our smiling masks.Comedy or Tragedy?

Game Logic

It is our curse to rise again after we have fallen,To commit to the agony of reliving day after day,How many times have I died, only to wake once more?But giving up is an anathema -Aren't we trained to move forward,And grasp for the next reward? Endure. Struggle. Live.

A Prison of my Own Making

I stopped this morning, All the thinking.Gulping air with sightless eyes,The constant bell-ring in my ear,The stabbing knives in my mind,Slowly faded.In my thoughtless breath,I rode free from the flesh,Beyond the blood running hot,And the thousand-thousand thoughts,Coalescing into the mortar-mess,Mortarium,That cages my feverish consciousness.

The Vacuous Sigh

I took a sip of hemlock today, So that I might die a philosopher, Imparting upon the world wisdom, Or, the very least, a pithy remark, But as the dark shroud fell over me, No terrible truths fell from my pale lips, Just the vacuous sigh, "Oh, I see," As oblivion stole my breathe away.