I slept for so long

I slept for so long,That my winter feels like forever,The cold that eats away at my memory,And the chill that settles in my throat,Stealing my thoughts and voice. I slept for so long,That spring is a long dream away,Locked away in a cold journal,Sketched in hesitant strokes,Forgotten in deepest inks. I slept for so long.



Fingers interlocked,Knuckles grazing the rough brick,Flowering blade-petals of pain,Trapped under a flattened gaze - gold and green,The heat of a beating heart,Foggy breaths,Catching,In the cold. Joyless pursuits of an endless sexual revolution.


I thunder at the gates of heaven, Demanding to drag you back to hell, And am met with silence. I'll relish this self-satisfied loss, Wallow in piteous destruction, And am met with silence. I scar upon my corpse, these fine lines, Writ in hard-fought blood, your scarlet ink, And am met with silence. In my … Continue reading Silence

Let Lie Less

I've been sleeping more lately,Troubled by ephemeral dreams,That (clich├ęd though this may be)Feel more real than reality seems.While good for inspiration,I'm concerned nonetheless,For in my waking starvation,I'm becoming less and less. Better, I suppose,To dream and chase phantom love,Than let my soul die.

To Dream Too Deep

When she did not wake, she burrowed Deeper,Into the corpse-skin of the world,Where she stole the magic from forgotten gods,Ate their powers and awful disparity,Until she vomited her mortality,In the form of wriggling worms,Many-legged and blindingly yellow,(Though when crushed underheel,They leave beautifully red stains). Because she could no longer walk,Having sprouted too many eyes,She dragged … Continue reading To Dream Too Deep

Dreams of Dead Machines

Milk-rust and rose petals, Flowing in churning streams, Through ancient forest clearing, Weaving infinite songs, Whisper sensual calm, For a broken War Machine, Which can no longer recall(lost so in cartesian spirals), until sleep once again gleams, Like a dagger of diamond dreams, sheathed in soft, sapphire silk.

Fever Dreams #2

Fuchsia dreams of white-light rooms,Repeating rhythms in coral suspension,Cold nights framed in crystal borders,Nightly bodies burst in ruby drops,While princesses dance with shotguns,Staccato steps and smoky smiles,Screaming lurid secrets,Spilling from dreamer's lips,At the moment we awake. Over and over again I'll die,Until one day things could beDifferent.

Once Borrowed

You have been ruined,Uncaring hands sullied you,Left you torn and limp,So I'll finish the damned job,With a careful blade,Tearing through broken armor,So, Neglected Soul,I can build you up stronger,And you can be loved again.