To Dream Too Deep

When she did not wake, she burrowed Deeper,Into the corpse-skin of the world,Where she stole the magic from forgotten gods,Ate their powers and awful disparity,Until she vomited her mortality,In the form of wriggling worms,Many-legged and blindingly yellow,(Though when crushed underheel,They leave beautifully red stains). Because she could no longer walk,Having sprouted too many eyes,She dragged … Continue reading To Dream Too Deep


Fairy Queen neath Amethyst Skies

Neath amethyst skies,Fairy circles’ flowers bloom,and await her arrival: Twilight-tinged Tulips,and Azure Azaleas, Peek shyly open petals.While Forget-Me-Nots,Rising ‘neath purple clovers,Murmur their dreamy hullos.Only the roses,Dream their purple fantasies,She loves them better that way. Caressing each friend,The Fairy Queen settles in,Neither song nor spell tonight,Just a cup of tea,And the easy grace of friends,For this, the … Continue reading Fairy Queen neath Amethyst Skies

A Sort of Danse Macabre

In fiery tongues of the ancient fireling,Dances the ghost of the Magician's Daughter,and her paramour, the starry-eyed Owl King,Their zephyrus song-revelry growing louder,Summon shadow-laughter, crackling kindling,While the warlock trapped weeps to be without her,Her, who lies in darkness, unseen fate-weaving,Whisper prayers for forgiveness in spring showers,Magic made real only through painful living.