Alone on January 2, 2012

I took the train out from North York, staring at my phone and the last three messages I sent into the silent, digital maw. I bit back bitter tears, thinking that maybe I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time... with the wrong person. Luckily, most wrong places have train stations out.

Fear, Utterly Reviled By Years

I thought she'd slam the door on me, but she hurdled over the couch, sheer panic on her sweat-sheened face. I whipped around and drove my shoulder into the door, forcing it against the horror on our heels. "What does it want!?" Just on the other side of the door, we heard it coo: "U-nye-loo-lay-doo?" … Continue reading Fear, Utterly Reviled By Years

A Beautiful Night

She slid closer, wrapping the blanket tighter around her shoulders, murmuring softly under her frosted breath as she fought against blessed sleep. The other put out her cigarette, complaining idly about the cold while thinking about love and loss. The one who dragged them both outside smiled as lights streaked across the sky. "Beautiful night." … Continue reading A Beautiful Night

The Anticipation of a Moment

He sighed, leaning back with a look of thoughtful contemplation, then returned to the manuscript. Another smoked beside the window, reading, brows furrowed. She watched them eagerly, eyes gleaming with anticipation. "Well?" someone said. A moment of silence dawned with the sun, pregnant with effort, skill, and no little amount of divine inspiration. "It's perfect." … Continue reading The Anticipation of a Moment

Two, Alone

She laughed, tossing back the phone, "How depressing!" The writer felt defensive, "That's like, my schtick - a dreary poet who rejects catharsis." "Oh, honey,” she murmured, a finger prodding his cheek, “Rejection implies choice.” Across the room, a grey shorthair yawned with an air of annoyance, wondering why it’s human was talking to himself … Continue reading Two, Alone


Jittery and anxious, he played over their conversation in his head for the seventy-third time. There was definitely something to it, right? He wasn't overthinking things - this was perfectly normal behavior (for whatever passes for "normal" nowadays, right?). He carefully typed out his thoughts, the haptic feedback turning every word into a heartbeat. SENT … Continue reading 11:22PM