No Partnership Survives Fame

Once, we took our pens to cut our throats,Spill our blood onto the kitchen tile,So that we could write poetry with our toes,And allow us the chance to finally be free,That we might die die die to feel alive. But publicity makes all of us turncoats,And all those stupid posts've gone viral,As it starts isn't … Continue reading No Partnership Survives Fame


I Once Shared Your Name

I once shared your name, A badge on my chest, With such blinding pride,How could I have known,That behind your smile,And your soft kisses,Our name you whispered,Was laced with poison,Cold-brewed and potent,Born from self-loathing,Carried in your soul,Until, finally,I reached for your hand,And caught only air,You called me a fake,An idol of hate,Projected on me,A lifetime … Continue reading I Once Shared Your Name

Outside the University Library Often Unvisited

The thin book was drawn up from its dusty corner,Having long slept, unattended,And was taken outside, a campus' summer,To be read beneath the outstretched boughs,Of an ancient maple warmed by the sun,But then, only moments after,After joyously stretching its old spine,Revealing its record of lost memories,The book tumbles from exhausted fingers,Landing in verdant greens,A little … Continue reading Outside the University Library Often Unvisited