midland autumn rains

Midland autumn rains,Morning mists growing colder,Summer passes on. Piano keys creak,Old hands struggle with placement,But still, it sounds good. Passing strangers smile,Lives meeting in the stairwell,Never again seen. The scarf on the hook,Made with love by an old 'friend',Still smells of perfume. The painter's wet cheeks,Just enough to thin old paint,Now, let's start again.


autumnal breeze

Yellow leaves scatter, Red upon the chilled river, Smoky autumn winds. A whirling dervish, Splattered in colours of fall, Recall our old gods. Well-worn mountain paths, Glimmering like arteries, Bright with fallen leaves. Blue smoke drifts upward,While damp leaves of yellow-red,Fall upon my head. An autumnal breeze,Smelling like sweet potatoes,Ah, am I hungry?

Worry, Worry

It has been some time,Since I've had the time to write,Now I feel hurried. Frantic as I post,These feelings wrapped in my soul,Clinging, grasping hands. Released, I'm relieved,But tension crawls in my scars,A depth unfulfilled. I may lose myself,In these intemperate years,Devoid of feelings. I just want to cry,But I worry I've lost it,That part … Continue reading Worry, Worry