The Mountain Inn

The inn seemed precariously placed upon the steep face of the mountain, held in place by a few well-placed beams and a lattice of weather-worn wood. To hear the building creak in the middle of the night was to quietly wonder if this was the day it was to fall into the valley below. Sitting … Continue reading The Mountain Inn

The Game of Love

I reclaimed my place,The princess of your black heart,By wit and cunning,I am the Conquering Sword,A faithless exile no more. Lost again, have I?To a ronin with no shame,And no sense of pride.So be it, it's your win, now,In this Game of Love, I'm done.

True Necromancy

True Necromancy,Is the greatest skill I teach,For dead speak softly,And were it not for these books,Their wisdom be lost to us. I think my students,Would think these lessons worthy,If only they knew,Our daily poetry books,Were really something magic.

It was a most troubling delivery

It was a most troubling delivery for Godot's Bistro. Clearly, the newest methamphetamines prescribed to his now second-favorite sous-chef did precisely their job in handling their worsening ADHD symptoms by obliterating a sense of general rationality altogether. "I must have... missed a decimal or two on the distributor's tags," the distressed sous-chef exclaimed, breaking out … Continue reading It was a most troubling delivery