Left Behind

A light kiss against your ear,That you nuzzle into, laughing, fun, A speck of black nail polish, That you'd pick at, then laugh when I'd watchA pendant you often touch,That you said to never ask about,A sad sort of expression,That you might have thought you hid from meA little lists of your things,Left behind in … Continue reading Left Behind


I slept for so long

I slept for so long,That my winter feels like forever,The cold that eats away at my memory,And the chill that settles in my throat,Stealing my thoughts and voice. I slept for so long,That spring is a long dream away,Locked away in a cold journal,Sketched in hesitant strokes,Forgotten in deepest inks. I slept for so long.

Enchanted Castle

I can't help but be impressed,Of your ability to play the part,Of the cruel fairy:Biting, humorless bitch.Chasing your loved onesFar far away,Until it's only you and I,A princess and her enchanted castle,Each longing for a wish,That cannot be said aloud,Or else it would shatter,This mirror-world in which we reside.