Remains of Mountain Stairs

Beneath the mossy turf of maple shades, Lie the remains of mountain stairs, Dark stone dragged from barbarian shores, An offering of fealty, Honored by a century's duty, But now, having earned its repose, It sleeps and dreams of thundering feet... ... Of a country at war, and blood, The blood of warrior-monks chanting, Those … Continue reading Remains of Mountain Stairs


My First

My first cigarette was shared between beautiful smiles,The indirect kiss as smoke slid hot through the filter,Escaping my throat in faint blue tinted with sunlight. I'd cough, she'd laugh, and then kiss me so deeply,The taste of that smoke was like heady myrrh,Lingering even today, many years since I have quit the habit, God, I … Continue reading My First

The Sighs That Remain Still Breathes Poetry to Me

What had become of my friends in this city of memories, Who laid hands to my life and spun delicate reality: Where now goes the eloquence of that wordy smith by the sea? What of that cleverly motherly poet-visionary? My dear brother, and his lovely wife, a blossoming fairy? The venerable old leader's quest, manic … Continue reading The Sighs That Remain Still Breathes Poetry to Me