After the party,Our exhausted bodies sprawl,Through the foyer doors,Slinking to the living room,Opulent, pristine,(Because nothing lives in there)My red-wine breath fogs,While your dark dress falls,Pale, moonlit skin, bared like knives,So soft and so cruel,Cuts into my blurry mind,Your wrothful embrace,Kissing, clinging, poisoned lips,Our lust fills our hate,Nothing else can satiate,Spent blood, exhausted,A push and pull, … Continue reading Disrobing


The clicking of my keyboard,Draws formless thoughts on blank screens,My vacuous imaginings growing leaden,While rose-tinted dreams drip drip bleed. To think once these hands,Held yours and satisfaction both,But now make vapid commentary,On loves lost,For idiot strangers to gape at,And simpering fools to sniffle to,While I forget forget forget,With every stroke of the ENTER key. I … Continue reading Self/Loathing/Others

Through Pain

I’ve a nostalgic sort of suffering,An ear infection, if I am to understand(or a slender blade piercing either side of my skull)Hot pads and an old dryer relieves the pain,But it’s the deafness that swallows me in helplessness,Waking up in the middle of the night in tears,Weeping at my pitiful helplessness,Weakness of my body wracked … Continue reading Through Pain