Sweet January

I cannot remember a time when January did not bring me dread,I am, after all, a child of the new year, of deep winter, of power outages,of "don't be greedy for your birthday, it was only just Christmas,"and other such memories that secretly made me wish I was a Spring Child(Queue the laughter from my … Continue reading Sweet January


Cast Out

Cast out,Silver nets on starry ponds,Catching dreams darting by,Plucking shafts of moonlight,Singing the old songs,That breathe time into the air,And let fisherman grow old,While their stories only grow.

8 Drawn Fortunes

Sycophants round the Empress' throne,Cackling as Fools dripping venomous influence,Hanging all sanity from the curve of the Moon,Quietly, quietly, slake our thirst with Lovers' blood,Until our Tower crumbles with a whisper,And the Wheel circles back around,When elysian Judgment walks again.

Inside I Shall Stay

Rosewood soap,Rough on the skin,Damp and pink with heat,Two candles, citrus, all natural,Burning on the windowsill,Three locks on the door, no solicitors please,And a long, chilled glass of strawberry puree,Mixed in with tart lemonade. The snow falls in thick clusters outside,Swirling and threatening to keep me inside,Ah, so be it - inside I shall stay.


A breakthrough after all,Done with the bloody tissues,Damp sick-clothes go in the bin,Strip down the very room:Curtains, blankets, sheets, pillows.A replace it with the winter collection:Dark satin and soft cotton,Like eyes closed in contemplation,Illuminated in the secret places. The fever breaks,Only a week of my life stolen,Winter welcomes me again.


You liked my hair like this,Roughly tousled, Stiff and splayed about,Treated with cheap shampoo,And what's conditioner, anyway?You'd sleep with my head on your chest,Enveloping me in your softness,While your fingers stroked through the mess,And when I'd wake my hair would be all the worse,Or all the better, depending on your point of view.

Enchanted Castle

I can't help but be impressed,Of your ability to play the part,Of the cruel fairy:Biting, humorless bitch.Chasing your loved onesFar far away,Until it's only you and I,A princess and her enchanted castle,Each longing for a wish,That cannot be said aloud,Or else it would shatter,This mirror-world in which we reside.