The Coffee Blues

Morning coffee blues,Cold cream in steaming darkness,A pinch to wake me. The barista's weary smile,All business, a pro,Small talk is for the depraved,Or those lonely fools,Who mistake a smile for love,And chase their coffee,With pitiful fantasy.A rhythm so smooth,His exhausted nonchalance,Just goes with the beat. This one's a to-go,For this weary vinyl,Is worn out enough.


Damn all of you

Damn all of you who told me to forget,As though I could somehow throw it away,These fucking memories of a phantom girl,Whose love crippled me and left me mad,Whose softest touch meant more to me,Transmitted through words on a screen,Or through the haze of an old flip-phone,Than every desperate, sticky fumbling,Every pulsing moan and lovely … Continue reading Damn all of you

Stalking Pray

I'm afraid of touching you,Not that you're fragile,(indeed, you're tougher than I)But you always flee,As though you're afraid of me,"I'm protecting you,"Feels like a hollowed-out phrase,When those words draw blood,Tearing away at my heart,Leaving me to think,"I'm not the prince, after all;Was I the villain?"

Alone on January 2, 2012

I took the train out from North York, staring at my phone and the last three messages I sent into the silent, digital maw. I bit back bitter tears, thinking that maybe I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time... with the wrong person. Luckily, most wrong places have train stations out.

Cutting Ties

It’s an awful life cycle, Love, Strangers meet, like the only two people waking a dark, hollow world. Exulting in companionship, soft laughter does it’s work to tie their bodies closer together in conspiratorial intent, forming a fledgling friendship that shimmers into faint illumination, growing brighter brighter. That friendship which burns so brightly, white-hot in … Continue reading Cutting Ties