Godless Porcupines

I hope there is a God,Because I need something to hate,For giving me the capacity to love,And for recognizingThe feelings you cannot reciprocate. I hope the Devil exists,Because then surely there is hell,For if there is no purpose to my pain,Then it follows,There is no end to end well. So I lie awake every night,Cursing … Continue reading Godless Porcupines

Alone on January 2, 2012

I took the train out from North York, staring at my phone and the last three messages I sent into the silent, digital maw. I bit back bitter tears, thinking that maybe I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time... with the wrong person. Luckily, most wrong places have train stations out.

Cutting Ties

It’s an awful life cycle, Love, Strangers meet, like the only two people waking a dark, hollow world. Exulting in companionship, soft laughter does it’s work to tie their bodies closer together in conspiratorial intent, forming a fledgling friendship that shimmers into faint illumination, growing brighter brighter. That friendship which burns so brightly, white-hot in … Continue reading Cutting Ties