You liked my hair like this,Roughly tousled, Stiff and splayed about,Treated with cheap shampoo,And what's conditioner, anyway?You'd sleep with my head on your chest,Enveloping me in your softness,While your fingers stroked through the mess,And when I'd wake my hair would be all the worse,Or all the better, depending on your point of view.


Enchanted Castle

I can't help but be impressed,Of your ability to play the part,Of the cruel fairy:Biting, humorless bitch.Chasing your loved onesFar far away,Until it's only you and I,A princess and her enchanted castle,Each longing for a wish,That cannot be said aloud,Or else it would shatter,This mirror-world in which we reside.


Fingers interlocked,Knuckles grazing the rough brick,Flowering blade-petals of pain,Trapped under a flattened gaze - gold and green,The heat of a beating heart,Foggy breaths,Catching,In the cold. Joyless pursuits of an endless sexual revolution.

Ours was Once the Storm

Ours was once the storm,Violent and hot, frenzied thunder,How seductively you tore at the world,Disintegrating into raw color,Laughing into vicious whirlwinds,Sobbing into endless rains. The lightning chills remain,In the eye of the storm,The bitter tang of ozone,Still smeared across my lips.

Lest I Forget

Patio lounging. A muse in billowing silk. Arms bared, gentle breeze. Noon-sun sweat and wanton sighs. Breasts rise, hearts flutter. Garnet navel piercing. Hot. The darkest lipstick. Tapping fingers on the hip. Mirrored eyes linger. Her frown is always yearning. A glass of iced tea.