My Response

These hands have grown old,Having done nothing worthwhile,But write loveless poetry. My eyes grow weary,Having shed so many tears,You're hardly worth the pity. My heart is heavy,Having borne so many hurts,It's now a knot of old scars. Then rejoice, old friends,Winter is a time for rest,A brief relief from the pain.


The Triple Goddess

For my arrogance,He reached for the stars above,Black skies filling empty hands. Within this hollow,Filled with your endless desire,A pale flower blooms like blood. I offer my eyes,Covetous, life-drinking orbs,Gleaming the shade of lost dreams.

A Recurring Fever

This 'cursed fever,Breaks upon my mind's shoreline,Dragging away every thought. I wish you were here,Not to tend to ailing bones,But nurse my spirit anew. I lie here dying,Wondering of my last death:My name on your lips, no more.

The Game of Love

I reclaimed my place,The princess of your black heart,By wit and cunning,I am the Conquering Sword,A faithless exile no more. Lost again, have I?To a ronin with no shame,And no sense of pride.So be it, it's your win, now,In this Game of Love, I'm done.