Sweet January

I cannot remember a time when January did not bring me dread,I am, after all, a child of the new year, of deep winter, of power outages,of "don't be greedy for your birthday, it was only just Christmas,"and other such memories that secretly made me wish I was a Spring Child(Queue the laughter from my … Continue reading Sweet January


Personality Test

The test results are in:Analyzing different archetypes,Jung's psychedelia page notes,Shadowy consciousness between our minds,Type A, Type B, Briggs-Meyers, LMNOP,Crystalline transference,Enneagram Quizletz, in a range of responses,Computed on our algorithm,Compiled by our affiliates,All to say... We're just different people.

Fever Dreams #2

Fuchsia dreams of white-light rooms,Repeating rhythms in coral suspension,Cold nights framed in crystal borders,Nightly bodies burst in ruby drops,While princesses dance with shotguns,Staccato steps and smoky smiles,Screaming lurid secrets,Spilling from dreamer's lips,At the moment we awake. Over and over again I'll die,Until one day things could beDifferent.

Third Eye

I'm a tightly-wound knot of fear,Silently growing,Ever the smaller,Yet ever the denser,Like a cancer that grows inward,A gleaming pearl of horror,Lodged deep withinThe center of my mind.

Listen to my Music

Loosely I lift memories,My mind's little music,From lilting melodic lullabies,To the morbid lucidities,of mindless maladies,Murmuring lifelessly,Luring madness lightly,Murdering light likely,Lyrical membrane lo -Until I cannot recall how it goes.

I was feeling Anxious

I was feeling anxious,Fingers twitching in an effort to calm,Flipping a cigarette in intricate circles,As ideas flowed from my scalp in oily streaks,Meeting a shallow breath stinking of poverty,Eyes stinging with sweat and living,Another moment summons apathetic choices,Like lingering smoke bored of my company,Choosing to drift away into oblivion,I check my phone, 15:17,Useless,Tracking the time … Continue reading I was feeling Anxious

Fever Dreams

I glimpsed the Way behind the Veil,In the Mountains behind the Dark Moon,Where thought and dreams flows like honey,Consumed as wine, stirring dreamless sleep. In the Way, Love is a spear in your side,As ever-falling blood form glistening stairs,Descending to Nine Hells' Enlightenment,Where Hermits transcend into hollow husks. Lost faerie rings expand into Cwlwm Celtaidd,The … Continue reading Fever Dreams