The Taste of Apostasy

Blue smoke snakes from dark lips, seductive, The gossamer dress settles, languid, Slender arms cross the scarred space, cruelly, Wrapping around my throat, adoring, Hot tears fall as ruby drops, regret, I am contempt, lusting, delicious.

Guilt, not Regret

You sighed when I spoke last, Kissed me coldly, with pity, And with a caress of my cheeks, You leave. But never gone. You linger on, A faded memory, A phantom pain, To be carried by me, always, Because I cared a little too much, And you never really cared enough, Or maybe it was … Continue reading Guilt, not Regret


Cutting Ties

It’s an awful life cycle, Love, Strangers meet, like the only two people waking a dark, hollow world. Exulting in companionship, soft laughter does it’s work to tie their bodies closer together in conspiratorial intent, forming a fledgling friendship that shimmers into faint illumination, growing brighter brighter. That friendship which burns so brightly, white-hot in … Continue reading Cutting Ties