Stranger in a Strange Land

I walked the steps that Aramais built,His bones settling still in the dampness of the dream.My mouth was hidden in dry wrappings of the dead,For the shroud hid that which Unspoken covet so.In my hands I carried the only weapons permitted,The pen and book,For those like me,Chroniclers from the Skin of the World,We avoid the … Continue reading Stranger in a Strange Land

Fever Dreams

I glimpsed the Way behind the Veil,In the Mountains behind the Dark Moon,Where thought and dreams flows like honey,Consumed as wine, stirring dreamless sleep. In the Way, Love is a spear in your side,As ever-falling blood form glistening stairs,Descending to Nine Hells' Enlightenment,Where Hermits transcend into hollow husks. Lost faerie rings expand into Cwlwm Celtaidd,The … Continue reading Fever Dreams