Recently, I recall…

Too Many Thoughts

For once in your life,Stop thinking and just shut up,Sleep in soft silence.My thoughts whirl about my mind,Cut on shards of lost futures.

Knight Errant

A true Knight Errant, Through adventure and honor,Seeks only a home.Will you, good Queen, offer one,And allow this soldier rest?

Quiet Loneliness

I miss the warm days of youth,Of being a fool in love,But these cold days aren’t so bad.Quiet loneliness,Like a cup of black coffee,Takes getting used to.

pretend to sleep

Is it morning yet?Can’t we lay here a moment,And pretend to sleep?

lavender dreams

Like lavender dreams,You’re gone in the morning light,Leaving me yearning.

Untitled, scribbled

Don’t doubt my passion,My desperate wanting,The ceaseless hunger,that drives all men like meto take up the pen.

mountain youkai

I miss the mountains:Lonely spirits on the lake,Fishing for lost dreams.If they happen to catch mine,Hope they kindly release it.

sounds of morning

The sounds of morning,Of dogs barking and bird-song,Of my stifled yawns.

foggy roads

Foggy morning roads,Billow out from sleeping towns,The breath of soft dreams.

Left Behind

A light kiss against your ear,That you nuzzle into, laughing, fun, A speck of black nail polish, That you’d pick at, then laugh when I’d watchA pendant you often touch,That you said to never ask about,A sad sort of expression,That you might have thought you hid from meA little lists of your things,Left behind in…


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I certainly can’t make any promises that I’ll be here forever,
but at least you’ll know when I’m around.