Warm days in the Midlands

Four decades have passed,Through storm, fire, disease, and drought,The maple revived. Shady reflections,Passing atop tall grass seas,A moment's reprieve. The buzzing of bees,And the rustle of petals,Make me long for home. Distant music plays,Voices call from the long past,Summer has begun. An old cat lies down,Languid eyes close for some sleep,Just another day.

A flowery scent

Along the coastline,A broken-hearted lover,Blooms with eau de salt. A flowery scent,Carried by a hot Spring breeze,Mingles tears with hope. In the midland towns,With opened windows released,Hidden flowers bloom. A lonely fool sighs,Drearily glances outside,Sniffs, whispers "Lilies." The breeze dies, winds cool,The scent lingers on moonlight,Recalled in sad dreams.

Spring snows fall

Coffee is too hot,But outside is chilly cold,So it feels just right. Even in these warm months,Glittering snow often falls,Stolen breaths and dreams. Spring snows fall slowly,Caught in cool winds and light gusts,So they dance, not fall. Grey and blue sky meet,Cascading shadow paintings,Such depth in nature. The cat is happy,Winter blankets come again,For a … Continue reading Spring snows fall